How It Works

Post your problems, collaborations and opportunities and connect with Ubuntus.

Life long Learners = Ubuntus

In Swahili, Ubuntu means: I am because we are!

An Ubuntu is a Life Long Learner that is always looking to learn and are self changing beings in interactions with others.

Value hub offers a “Learning by Doing” Community where Ubuntus can interact to co-create learning and entrepreneurship as a continuance of the opportunities that is offered on this platform.

Search, find Learning journeys, projects and collaborators to grow, create entrepreneurship directly on your mobile device or desktop. Manage all of the interactions you have applied to or that you are publicizing from a convenience secure dashboard.

Matching Projects with Ubuntus

A learning journey is a visit to an another culture to learn through others and offer a skill that can result an entrepreneurship project. It is a sharing to create more from few and always find the win-win exchange.

Find the right Ubuntu for your organization and Ubuntus finds the organizations and collaborations they want to learn and create projects with!